Russian State Ballet of Siberia’s Nutcracker

The Russian State Ballet of Siberia has produced some of the best productions in the history of ballet, with the classical ballet company touring in the United Kingdom between 2007 – 2009, 2012 – 2013 and 2016 – 2017.

Nightfall on Christmas Eve is when the show begins as snowflakes flutter outside and a grand fire is seen near the Christmas tree. The tree is surrounded by presents as midnight hits and the fairytale world comes to life.

The nutcrackers come to life filling the stage in utter magic as viewers are introduced to the Nutcracker Prince. The Mouse-king and Nutcracker Prince are engaged in battle as they travel through the Land of Snow where the magic begins.

The stage comes to life in a winter wonderland as scenery becomes magic.

Nutcracker is a symbol of Christmas and the holiday season, with everyone’s heart filling with joy as the first chords fill the room. The sets and costumes bring the dream-like reality to the stage with an atmosphere of light and graceful dancers taking the stage.
Kids in the crowd can be heard gasping in awe as the dancers bring magic to the stage.

Christmas toys, castles, dolls and young children on the stage make it an event that appears childlike on the surface, but this is a tale that the entire family can enjoy. The second act is the prime example of how adult-friendly this performance can be.
The Prince and Marie’s dance along with the vibrancy of the orchestra make the performance memorable.

Music will take the parents in the stage back to their school years. The feeling of Christmas seemingly fills the air during the ballet, as the memories of Christmas have a way of flooding a person’s mind.

Beautiful decorations and folk dances will be on full display in this winter wonderland.

The first act sets the stage for the performance, with Act I bringing the nutcracker to life. As Clara reaches to check on her nutcracker and the clock strikes midnight, the tree begins to grow and the nutcracker follows.

Clara is thrust into the middle of the battle as the nutcracker seems to lead the army.

The second scene in the act occurs in the Pine Forest, where the nutcracker really becomes a prince. Act II’s scene opens in the Land of Sweets with Clara and the Prince meeting the Sugar Plum Fairy.

The final waltz performed during the Act will mystify the crowd as they look on in awe.