English National Ballet: Romeo and Juliet

Shakespeare’s tale comes to comes to life with the help of the English National Ballet. The 2 hour and 55 minute event goes on tour in November 2017 with two intervals of 20 and 15 minutes. Nureyev’s ballet is on showcase as the world’s foremost love story is beautifully choreographed.

The score performance is performed live by the English National Ballet Philharmonic.

Guests are thrust back into Verona during the Renaissance, where the streets were bustling with a sense of life. The markets were seen in the piazza, as Romeo and Juliet’s family kick off the events of these two star-crossed lovers doomed to end up together in eternity.

The final embrace will draw tears from the crowd as they see the fateful sequence of the two lovers unfold in front of them. Romance is bursting during the bedroom scenes, humor is infused into many scenes and the drama will be felt during the entire show.

Rudolf Nureyev’s choreography is accompanied by music from Sergei Prokofiev, design by Ezio Frigerio and lighting by Tharon Musser.

“Deeply Romantic,” states The Daily Express in their review of the performance.

The show begins in stunning fashion amid the Capulet Ball with all of its grandeur. The same story is followed as the 1965 version of the show produced by Kenneth MacMillan, but there is a difference: Nureyev.

Nureyev’s 1977 version of the production enhances the event and makes sure grandeur is the key focal point of the production.
Charismatic in performance, the love between the two main characters embodies the story. Sensitive and meticulous, Romeo is a well-rounded character who seems to find his way into situations that most would call impossible.

Juliet is beautifully played, showcasing her journey through the entire story. Dance and acting are on full display as you can see Juliet transition through the scenes. She is vibrant and filled with life during the early scenes and seems to become a shadow of her former self as Act III rolls in.

She loses that zest for life that made her irresistible during the first two acts. Chemistry and passion embody the Balcony Scene as the two lovers tell their story to the crowd.

The entire night is a once-in-a-lifetime event where Romeo and Juliet come to life in a new and exciting fashion. Nureyev’s version of events is an alternative MacMillan’s show that critics and fans agree is a must-see for all fans of the love story.