One Night of Elvis: Lee ‘Memphis’ King

One Night of Elvis: Lee Memphis King is now touring all major theatres in the UK. The once-in-a-lifetime show gives audiences the chance to hear The King’s classics live with tribute performer Lee Memphis King.

Considered the greatest Elvis tribute artist of all time, Lee Memphis King’s shows for 2017 include a recreation of Elvis’ Vegas Years. The show includes all of his hits from his concert years between 1969 and 1977.

Along with Elvis’ well-known hits, One Night of Elvis also includes obscure hits from the King, which will delight fans of the icon.
The show includes elaborate costumes designed by Gene Doucette himself – the same man who designed Elvis’ costumes. King’s show is designed to look, feel and sound just like a real Elvis concert.

One Night of Elvis, which runs 2 hours 20 minutes, is accompanied by an orchestra, backing vocals and top-notch musicians. Video screen projection gives audiences the chance to learn more about Elvis’ life and music.

The first half of the tribute show recreates Elvis’ unforgettable set on his comeback special in 1968. King sings “Heartbreak Hotel,” That’s All Right,” “Baby What You Want Me To Do” and more, replicating the same stage layout as the original airing.
The second half of the show takes audiences through his Vegas Years – complete with elaborate costumes.

King first heard Elvis’ music at the age of five, when he saw the musical Roustabout. He started imitating the icon’s unique style, which soon became an obsession.

It wasn’t until King turned 35 that he left his day job as an accounts manager to pursue his dream of performing on stage as his favorite artist. Over the last decade, he has performed all over Europe and the UK.

King has had no formal vocal training and is entirely self-taught.

The tribute artist has spent a lifetime studying Elvis, his personality and his voice. His performance is said to be so authentic that fans have a hard time distinguishing between King and Presley himself.

One Night of Elvis has been seen by at least a million fans since the show launched its first performance. The production has sold out some of the top venues in Europe and the UK.

King was named the Best Elvis Tribute Artist in the world at the 2005 Collingwood Elvis Festival, held every year in Canada. Attended by some of the top Elvis tribute artists across the globe, the judges consider the authenticity of the artist’s stage performance, voice, personality and passion when choosing a winner.